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Arrudas restaurant

AXD 452 Capstone in Graphic Design, Brand Identity for Arrudas Restaurant

Target Re-Branding

Fragrance commercial and mailing sample


Fight Climate Change 2022

Awareness poster campaign in response to the United Nations Climate Action, Climate Reports, Change 2021


Solemn Novena Invite


Project taken on by Our Lady's Chapel

Collaborated with an Illustrator, all type work and

layout is my design



Working with a 5 X 5 grid, working with type to create a sense of flow.


Type Anatomy

Analyzing the graphic elements that make up letters

in a typeface.

Light and Fashion Show

Collaboration with Ashley Miranda on the Poster Designs, I started the initial base and she finished it.

Collaboration with Ryan Dupuis, Nick Pires, and Ashley Miranda on the Program. --->

Sophia Academy

Working with classmates to create a Poster (created my Roman Hill)
Save the Date, Invitation and Program for Sophia Academy (Illustration created by Colleen Brady, Type Layout and all placement done by Myself and Lyn Fiske)


View Program here --->


Our Design was the chosen design, but months later we were informed they weren't going to continue with our initial design

endlessly free

From booklets, posters, to the internet. A series of designs to promote Endlessly Free, a NDT performance

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